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Stoney River


Since 2020, the CCSWCD, The Land Connection, U of I Extension, Terra Elossa, LLC, IL Soybean Association, and the Pasture Project have partnered to provide education and resources to increase regenerative grazing practices in and near the Embarras River Watershed.

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The CCSWCD has an excellent display unit that can be used to show soil and water conservation to school children or adult groups. This versatile, self contained unit is available for group education events, complementing other edu programs.


The CCSWCD works with the Salt Fork River Watershed Implementation Committee to protect and monitor water quality in the surrounding areas.


The St. Joseph Wetland project is located on both sides of US 150 on the west edge of St. Joseph. In 1999, the property owners were approached to determine if they would be interested in selling their property to the Champaign Co SWCD to have it restored.


At the Barnhart Prairie Nature Preserve many different kinds of prairie grasses and flowers can be seen. The prairie has many mowed pathways to help you enjoy nature. Click on the title above to visit the Barnhart Prairie website.

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