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Embarras Grazing Partnership

Since 2020, the CCSWCD, The Land Connection, U of I Extension, Terra Elossa, LLC, IL Soybean Association, and the Pasture Project have partnered to provide education and resources to increase regenerative grazing practices in and near the Embarras River Watershed.

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What We Do

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In 2020, The Pasture Project identified the Embarras River Watershed as a high priority and high suitability watershed for regenerative grazing (read the story map here). This could bring many benefits to the landscape, most notably improving water quality, as the Embarras is recognized by the Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy as a high priority watershed for phosphorus reductions. 

The EGP first began outreach and education about regenerative grazing in 2020 through a Lumpkin Family Foundation grant, creating an introductory series for educators, then for farmers, to learn how regenerative grazing could be incorporated into East Central IL farm management plans. 

Currently, the EGP is operating educational opportunities through a NCR-SARE Professional Development Program grant. See "Get Involved" for more information about upcoming events and resources! 

Check here for upcoming events and new resources developed by the EGP or partners in the regenerative grazing space! Event information and registration is conducted through The Land Connection website. Links to register are coming soon!

Upcoming events:

Regenerative Grazing Office Hours Series

Free online discussions about common regenerative grazing questions, hosted on REGAIN

Regenerative Grazing Winter Field Days

A spin-off from the Summer Field Days in June, we will host a two-day field day to discuss winter grazing management! Stay tuned for dates, registration links, and more!

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A Grassland 2.0 Learning Hub

In 2021, University of Wisconsin-Madison's Grassland 2.0 invited the Embarras Grazing Partnership to be a Learning Hub. With expertise and support from Grassland 2.0, the EGP will work with area farmers, stakeholders, and partners to enhance delivery of perennial grassland production systems and develop resources for Illinois.

Learning Hub Fact Sheet

Recent article about Grassland 2.0: "Biodiversity, resilience critical for future of agriculture".

Learn more about Grassland 2.0 by clicking the button below.

Regenerative Grazing Resources

Regenerative Grazing Guide

Roadmap for Expanding Regenerative Grazing in Illinois 2021-2025

Expanding Regenerative Grazing Story Map

Selecting for Grass-Based Genetics - Allen Williams, 

Wortham Lectures in Animal Science - Jan C. Bonsma

Choosing the Right Cattle for Your Climate and Management - Steve Campbell

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