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Rainfall Simulator

The Rainfall Simulator was obtained in cooperation with the Embarras River Management Association and an Environmental Protection Agency grant. The unit is self-contained in a trailer that can be set up outside for the demonstration. The unit has been successfully used on grass, pavement, and gravel.


The goal of the presentations is to explain how water falls on soil and dislodges it causing soil erosion.  Bare soil is compared with various levels of residue to show that farming practices that emphasize residue management can truly reduce soil erosion. This is also compared to urban runoff so all audiences can relate to the presentation.  We cover conservation practices that can reduce soil erosion and provide wildlife habitat.


The unit can be used for schools or other groups. If you would like to schedule the unit for use with a group please contact us. We can develop a program to fit various groups and come with the unit to do the demonstration.

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